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Toronto Estate Trust and Capacity Litigation Lawyer

The Help You Need

No matter how detailed a will is a disinherited or disgruntled family member may contest the document. No matter how much time went into establishing a trust, disputes can arise. Even the selection and capacity of the executor can result in disagreements.

At Connolly Law, our estate and trust practice is not part of what we do — it is all we do. We are dedicated to resolving estate disputes and trying to facilitate fair dispute settlements, as well as helping to plan and administer complex estates. Our practice of estate litigation involves the following:

  • Will challenges
  • Contested passing of accounts
  • Will and trust interpretations
  • Trust claims
  • Joint asset disputes
  • Dependant support claims
  • Quantum meruit claims (reasonable value of services)
  • Trustee disputes
  • Capacity disputes
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Power of attorney disputes

Estate, trust and capacity litigation can be legally complex, filled with emotion, financially costly, and carries with it an unpredictable outcome. You need a dedicated lawyer who will be knowledgeable and attentive. For help, contact us at 1-877-336-6569 to schedule an initial consultation.

An Ontario Will Contest and Challenges Lawyer Finding Creative Solutions to Disputes

While Megan Connolly — the founder of our estate and trust law firm — will strive to identify and negotiate a creative solution, she will also pursue matters before the court on your behalf where the circumstances dictate. No matter how contentious a legal matter becomes or which side of the dispute you are on, she is accessible and remains at your side until a resolution is found.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Toronto estate, trust and capacity litigation lawyer, please contact us.

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