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Toronto Estate Dispute Settlement Lawyer

Many people believe that the only way to settle an estate dispute is by pursuing litigation in court. However, estate litigation can be lengthy, costly and the outcome will ultimately be in the hands of the court. Not only may the court decide not to rule in your favour, but you may also further risk fracturing family bonds.

Our Toronto estate dispute settlement lawyer, Megan Connolly, can advise you on your legal rights and options regarding how to reach a fair estate dispute settlement agreement. Contact us at 1-877-336-6569 to schedule your appointment today.

At Connolly Law, we are here to help people reach estate dispute settlements out of court. There are many advantages to pursuing this route, including:

  • Your retain much more control as compared to leaving the decision to a judge who is a third party and does not understand all of the complicated family dynamics and history
  • Open discussions can salvage connections, while pitting family members and other parties against one another in court can permanently affect relationships
  • There is more flexibility when it comes to crafting creative solutions that might not otherwise be accepted in court

We are here to be your advocate. We understand what is at stake and we will aggressively represent your interests in and out of court. We have a solid reputation and record of helping people successfully reach amicable estate dispute settlement agreements. However, if we are not able to reach an out-of-court settlement, we are always prepared to take your will contest, trust dispute, capacity issue or any other type of estate litigation to court.

Contact an Experienced Ontario Trust and Will Challenge Resolution Law Firm

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a legal dispute involving an estate, will or trust, please contact us.

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